Current Club Officers

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Vice President




Patricia Kearney

Clemencia Saavedra

Sue Ellen Healy

Cheryl Keller

Club Mailing Address:  c/o Mimi Huntley, 122 Chestnut Tree Hill Road, Oxford, CT  06478



John W. Healy

 Board of Directors  

Ed Huntley (19)

Maureen Walker (18)

Adam Lester (19)

Jennye Hansen (20)

Betsy Davis (18) Tel: (508)-775-6505

Honorary Members

Nancy Cowley

Leonard Greenwald

Mrs. Peter S. Jennings

Mr.& Mrs. Alexander Merriman

Dr. & Mrs. L.W. Goodman


Membership chair

Crickett Redmond-Kerrebock

Show Chair

Betsy Davis (508)-775-6505

Futurity Chair Jennye Hansen
Agility Chair Sue Ellen Healy
Obedience Chair Ruth Burgart
Rally Chair Ruth Burgart
Raffle Chair Cheryl Keller
Cheer Dawn D'Amato

Merchandising & Fundraising Chair
Trophy Chairperson
Awards Chairperson

Cheryl Keller
Deb Evans-Maltby
Julie Wolf

AKC Liaison

Newsletter Editor

Sue Ellen Healy

Deb Murphy

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